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We are committed to seeing an end to sewage discharges into the ocean, rivers, harbours and coastal waters.

This year we've seen local water company Southern Water fined £90m for discharging sewage into our waters. Water companies continue to pollute UK waters, exposing all users and marine life, as well as our fragile ocean ecosystems to further harm. 

In order to have a thriving coastal community, fisheries and eco-system we need to ensure that water companies are held to account and that the laws are fit for purpose. 

Local Conservatives have been calling on the Government to end sewage pollution to protect our coastal waters, help restore our rivers and ocean, and working with other organisations to hold water companies to account. 

We've also raised the issues directly with water companie and government ministers. 

Help us continue to make the case in Westminster to ensure Government do more, and do better. Tell us your key concerns or issues here so we can build the case from Portsmouth to Government. 

Let us know your main concerns around this using the feedback form.

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Let us know your concerns:

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