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AQUIND PROTEST: Portsmouth Conservatives against the interconnecter

Since 2018 Portsmouth Conservatives have openly opposed the proposals from AQUIND regarding their interconnecter scheme.

Both Penny Mordaunt MP have written to government ministers and Secretary of State Greg Clark and their respective departments to oppose the scheme.

Local councillors have raised the issue and opposed the scheme locally too.

The protest that took part on Saturday 10th October 2020 at along the Eastern shoreline of the city and part of the proposed route for the cables proposed by AQUIND was well attended by concerned residents and councillors of all political parties.

Lewis Gosling, candidate for Copnor said, "The united front from all political parties shows the strength of opposition to this unwanted and unneeded scheme. We're standing shoulder to shoulder with local people who object to AQUIND's continually changing plans. While the decision is out of the hands of Portsmouth authorities, it's important that we keep local people informed on developments and that we stand with them where they oppose this."

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