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Portsmouth Conservative Group call on Prime Minister to intervene on AQUIND proposal

Today Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Simon Bosher and the Portsmouth Conservative Group have written again to both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister regarding our opposition to the AQUIND Interconnector Scheme.

A decision on this unwanted proposal is due to be made this week. Currently, we do not know if there will be a further delay in making this decision but given recent media reports and the accusations made against the Secretary of State following the Andrew Marr interview on Sunday morning, the letters and the handwritten notes on official correspondence that have come to light in recent days we have further highlighted our concerns to the top of government calling for an intervention.

Cllr Simon Bosher said, "Over the past few years, alternative routes for the interconnector have been proposed that would entirely miss Portsmouth. With a cable being laid across The Channel from France, it beggars belief that for the last three-four miles of the seabed laid cable that the company has chosen to come ashore on in Eastney and to essentially tear through the Eastern side of Portsmouth as its preferred route, then go back into the harbour before hitting the mainland, rather than seek alternatives that would have a minimal impact on local people and Portsmouth."

Portsmouth Conservatives have called for the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to intervene and reject the AQUIND scheme proposals before the government.

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