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Paulsgrove Conservative Councillors score success with passing of motion to improve parking!

Success! Paulsgrove Conservative Councillors pass motion to restore funding and bring forward the Bodmin Green echelon parking scheme.

Paulsgrove Conservative Councillors Jo Hooper and Gemma New successfully passed their motion at Portsmouth Full Council asking for Paulsgrove funding to be returned for the Bodmin Green echelon parking scheme; and for the Cabinet Member to bring forward the schedule for implementation and approval of the scheme.

Cllr Hooper said, "With the motion, we brought to the City Council yesterday we wanted to breathe some extra understanding into the Bodmin Green motion due to a significant past inequality, where Paulsgrove was short-changed (again!) by the LibDems. Consequently, I was compelled to bring this to both the Council and public's attention in order to ensure that past inequalities and injustices are addressed."

"Some 9-10 years ago, residents and former Paulsgrove politicians familiar with past plans, contacted me and asked for the funding to be restored to address the parking nightmare around Bodmin Green, Newbolt Road and Falmouth Road etc. Inevitably COVID19 put the brakes on matters, but I am excited for resident as we have reached the appropriate juncture where the project is ready to fund."

Cllr Gemma New said, "We were disappointed by the recent mixed messaging, ambiguity and frustrations where funding of this project is concerned. In September of this year we were delighted to hear that funding had 'passed' for the scheme. Fast forward to the 3rd October to then be told 'no, the funding hasn't been passed." Conservatives have been working with local residents who live in the area, who have asked for this scheme, as well as cross-party former politicians, the local Victory Primary school (including the headteacher), who this scheme will help too.

The motion that was presented to council detailed the work around the scheme and Cllr Jo Hooper added; "The Council should be reassured that a considerable amount of work has already been committed to the design of the scheme, which will benefit both residents and the school, where the pickupand drop off of pupils can be problematic on the busy thoroughfare that is Allaway Avenue.Multiple meetings have now taken place on-site and within the civic offices, and the scheme has been fully designed and costed. Officers have confirmed that the funding is available." Cllr Hooper continued:"Housing Officers have also been fully engaged on this project, as the Council department in ownership of the land. It is envisaged that they will manage the car park with multi-use echelon parking in mind, ensuring that both residents and the school have fair and equitable usage to best suit their needs. Matters will also be subject to resident consultation in order to ensure harmonious usage is provided and maintained, which takes the bespoke needs of multiple users into account." Thank you to the multiple officers involved across regeneration and housing for all of their hard work and vision in regard to this project. It must also be stipulated that the engineer's design is a thoughtful undertaking that both respects the green credentials of the site, allowing the vast majority of leisure space to remain, whilst etching the echelon parking to the northern and western boundaries of Bodmin Green. Thank you as well to the staff from the housing department for responding to engineers' requests for meetings to discuss this crucial provision. Conservative councillors passed the motion at the Guildhall with the LibDems voting against the motion and disappointingly, their new Paulsgrove puppet and professional victim, Cllr George Madgwick also abstaining on the scheme. Conservatives were shocked to see a Paulsgrove councillor essentially voting to not restore funding back for the ward they have just been elected to represent. Furthermore, he had to have his new LibDem puppet masters defend him which was embarrassing.

Cllr Gemma New further added, "We've seen the Lib Dems reckless use of money in only recent times in relation to Paulsgrove ward when an investigation into the abuse and suffering that was taking place at Paulsgrove Community Centre was requested by Conservatives. A thorough investigation and report was produced by the City Council and the senior solicitor of that time (now retired) concluded terrible abuses and mismanagement had taken place which eventually resulted in the removal of those people. But not before the LibDems wasted more money (and not acting on the recommendations and conclusions of that initial investigation). The Lib Dems went on to waste money on a further second report which did nothing but confirm the already damning initial investigation, wasting more money, time and leaving the victims in limbo. That money and officer time could have perhaps been better spent on community improvements. It was a scandal." Residents have asked for this scheme, it previously had funding and now we've successfully passed the motion to call to make this happen.

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