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Meet your candidate: Tony Hewitt for Paulsgrove and Port Solent

Tony Hewitt is a local man who's lived across the Paulsgrove and Port Solent area for most of his life. Tony lives here with his young family.

After setting up a local community social media page, Tony became involved with Portsmouth North Conservatives after meeting with Cllrs Jo Hooper and Penny Mordaunt MP. Tony has raised thousands of pounds for charities and organised countless shoreline cleanups and sports events for youngsters.

Tony said: "I am honoured to be standing in my home area of “Paulsgrove Ward” which covers the communities of Paulsgrove, Port Solent and the west and north of Wymering.

In more normal circumstances I would be knocking on doors to introduce myself but, with COVID restrictions still in place, traditional campaigning is not possible.

Those who have seen my work as a community activist and local campaigner will know that, in everything I do, I put the needs of the community first and will stand up for our area at every opportunity. I want to be a champion of Paulsgrove, Port Solent and Wymering."

1. I have a strong record of community action.

2. I live locally with my young family and grew up here.

3. I’m not a career politician & want the best for where I live.

I believe I am the best person to deliver that strong representation. I hope, however, that it is my commitment to the community for which I am best known.

1. Organised litter picks to help clean up our area.

2. Helped to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour locally.

3. Working together with local councillors on issues such as road safety, parking and community safety issues.

4. Working with Penny Mordaunt MP to improve local transport.

5. Opposing over-development and want to see more investment into our area.

6. Volunteering and raising money for local charities.

7. Volunteering to help with the COVID19 response.

And, of course, I try to work tirelessly for those who come to me for help with all sorts of issues from abandoned cars, dumped rubbish, extra police patrols, road-safety issues, animal welfare, shoreline clean ups and many personal problems that people are experiencing as well as supporting people through the pandemic.

I work closely with our local councillors, Cllr Gemma New and Cllr Jo Hooper as well as Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt . Together we’ve tackled issues locally and those that have needed national and government support.

I hope you'll give me your support during these elections so I can serve our community.

Tony Hewitt.

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