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City Council apologises for latest bungle

The Lib Dem administration have really made a mess of things. The Lib Dem run city council is several years behind on delivering the updated local plan. The local plan is important for both city development and future policy.

They were caught out targeting Southampton Residents this week asking them to take part in the Portsmouth Plan, which would of led to there results of the consultation being skewed. The question has to be asked why they were targeting Southampton residents for Portsmouth based schemes and plans in the first place?

The Lib Dem administration have been caught out again and don't like being confronted with the truth that we have all known for a while: They've messed up again and can't easily get out of the hole they've dug for themselves regarding the planning department and problems associated.

Last week both the Conservative Party and Labour Party emplored the administration to follow ministers advice and invitation to follow the process for a revision of housing targets, that they have communicated from central government. That they haven't and don't seem to want to speaks volumes.

Last week the chair of planning had to issue an apology regarding this latest act of incompetence. This was followed up by an apology from officers, who have now ceased the targeting of Southampton residents.

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