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£26.31m extra support so far for Portsmouth

£26.31m for Portsmouth from the latest tranche of £1bn funding from the Conservative government.

Money to help pay for the most vulnerable, children’s free school meals and to support people etc. Facts are facts.

We’re living in the age of disinformation, opportunism and opposition stirring.

This government has done more to help people during an unprecedented pandemic than any other and

No child in Portsmouth has to go hungry. See our website for detailed additional help and support during COVID-19. From help with Universal Credit, Council Tax, food parcels, food banks and more etc...

“Britain is the only country to meet the needs of the world’s poorest during the pandemic”

says World Bank.


Help, advice and support

Help, advice and support available for Portsmouth.

We know that there are people finding COVID19 and the lockdown difficult. A range of help, support and advice is available. From accessing financial advice, help with Universal Credit, foodbank and food parcels through the HIVE, the support is unprecedented during this global pandemic.

Money advice

For free and impartial advice on money, debt and benefits, and for advice on help from foodbanks, contact: Advice Portsmouth – the drop-in centre is closed. For advice, ring 023 92794 340, text 07789 550593, email

Citizens Advice Help To Claim (for advice on new Universal Credit claims) – there is currently no face to face advice, so for advice ring 0800 144 8 444 or use the online webchat.

City council tenants – ring your housing office for money advice Housing association tenants – contact your customer service team for money advice.

City Foodbank and volunteer organisation support

Across the city there is a range of food bank support for people to access. Portsmouth City Council have created a webpage listing the various food banks, the days they operate on and the requirements to access them. A number of them do not require a referral or voucher. Further details are provided along with direct weblinks for direct information.

The HIVE Portsmouth

The HIVE Portsmouth has been providing the coordinated response on behalf of the city council to assist vulnerable residents, including providing meal parcels for those shielding and who are isolated and in need. Call 023 9261 6709 directly to contact the HIVE Portsmouth. The HIVE also have a weekly 'funding' roundup and provide help for small organisations to write a bid for funding to those funding pots that they include in their weekly roundup.

Financial support

If you are receiving: - working or child tax credits, - housing benefit or - council tax support - and you have changes to your income or other circumstances, - - you should notify tax credits, and notify housing benefit and council tax support.

If you are claiming Universal Credit, changes to your earned income will automatically update your monthly assessment, but if you are self-employed you must continue to provide details of your income each month. If your employment or self-employment ends, but you have paid national insurance contributions, you may be entitled to claim contribution-based benefits: ‘new style’ Jobseekers Allowance (if you are looking for work) or Employment and Support Allowance (if you are unable to work due to your health or disability).

If you don’t qualify for contribution-based benefits, you may be eligible for Universal Credit. If you need help to pay your rent and you are not already claiming housing benefit, or if you own your own home and need help with mortgage interest costs, you may also be eligible to claim Universal Credit.

If you claim Universal Credit, other benefits you are receiving may be cancelled, so for independent advice on whether to make a claim, contact the Citizens Advice Help To Claim service, online or by phone.

Jobcentres (including Portsmouth and Cosham) currently remain open, for anyone who is not able to use the phone or online channels. No one receiving benefits will be asked to attend any jobcentre appointments for at least 3 months, since Thursday 19 March 2020.

Get up to £150 extra council tax support

If you claim council tax support, you could get a further discount on this year’s council tax, of up to £150. The is because of the hardship many people are suffering during the coronavirus crisis. How does it work? You don’t need to do anything to get it, and it’s paid whether you have suffered personal difficulties because of the coronavirus. It’s being paid by the council as part of a national scheme announced on 24 March.

It applies to people of working age (not old-age pensioners) who receive council tax support. If your current council tax bill for 2020-21 is less than £150, then the new scheme means you won’t have to pay anything. Any payment you have made already will be refunded (as long you have no arrears). If your bill is more than £150, then your monthly payments will reduce to reflect the new discount. Updated council tax bills are being sent out soon, which will include the discount.

New claimants of council tax support can also receive the discount by applying online.

If you need to contact us then you can call us on 023 9268 8588 or email We are currently dealing with a high number of requests and may not be able to deal with phone or email queries quickly.

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