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LibDem hypocrisy laid bare in press

Conservatives lead the way with innovation and responsible policy. We invested through our property investment portfolio to generate profits to benefit the city.

The Conservative administration set the policy and started the property investment portfolio after coming to power in 2014 and looked to make the best investments to generate the maximum yields possible to mitigate cuts at the City Council. It was a successful strategy.

The LibDems attacked and attacked the Conservative administration for this for years over this, belittling and simplifying the facts for political capital.

We knew they were making self-serving political attacks, but they were very happy to mislead members of the public.

Now, the LibDem City Council leader, Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson is under fire in the press as he and his administration are now endorsing the Conservative administrations strategy and continuing it. They always knew it was correct, but couldn't stand being out of power and mislead the public year after year, as did the Labour Party in their political literature.

Now the Portsmouth Labour party have put them (the LibDems) back into power and the hypocrisy from the LibDems is laid bare for all to see.

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