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Sign the petition against LibDem parking misery across Copnor, Baffins and Southsea.

Portsmouth residents are already getting a taste of the incompetence of the LibDems now running the City Council. Since the Portsmouth Labour party put them back into power, they've proven yet again what a poor bunch they really area.

They are now attempting to directly implemnt parking policies in their own little strong holds to ease parking for themselves and have disregarded the city wide parking review that's been taking place and collecting evidence over the past two years.

Please sign the petition against the HC parking zone, proposed by the LibDems for Tokio Road down to the Copnor Bridge. This parking zone will cause parking displacement and parking misery across Copnor, and in an area that already has huge parking pressures.

Further zones across Southsea had been previously scrapped because they didn't work and caused parking misery for Southsea residents.

Sign our petition to Portsmouth City Council to stop this.

Sign the petition using the link below:

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