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Terry Norton empowers Baffins residents with facts around the Moneyfields redevelopment proposals

I am writing to you about the planned development at Moneyfields football club. It is essential your views are heard and taken into consideration before the planning committee make their decision.

I think it’s important that local people are empowered with the full facts, so I’ve included information about how you can view the current planning proposals that Moneyfields Football Club are submitting. I will provide you with information on the best way to have your say officially by either registering an objection or supporting comment, or a neutral observation on the plans.

The club has always been a part of our community. Beyond football, social opportunities go beyond the obvious, this includes a boxing club, a gym and use by various community groups including those for the elderly and the blind. The building is now at the end of its life and this proposed scheme is a way of securing its long-term future.

My position has always been the same:

Homes MUST have adequate parking as local roads are already at capacity, and parking is already difficult.

The club must provide reasonable public use of the car park to ease the pressure on our streets.

The site should be aesthetically pleasing with plenty of landscaping, trees etc.

I believe that a simple refusal of the planning application as some are suggesting will likely lead to permission being granted after appeal by the Planning Inspector in Bristol. This will take the control away from local Portsmouth City Councillors who aim to get the best parking solution and highest quality housing for our area. This is why I feel a straight refusal is the worst and most dangerous option.

I have concerns over the alternative uses of the site should the club vacate the site completely. The potential of a developer purchasing the land and placing hundreds of pop up homes. That would create a greater strain on parking, and our roads. Even worse, if the club doesn’t raise the money it needs, the whole site could be sold off and the area used for a commercial purpose such as Kingston Prison (where there are concerns about it being used as a builders merchant and builders goods yard). No one wants more trucks and lorries passing along the streets of Baffins. People want safe, quiet residential streets. Ensuring Moneyfields is a community and sports facility, managed sensitively is absolutely key for our community.

I want to be your voice on this issue. In the last week I have met with the Leader of the City Council, Cllr Donna Jones. I have visited the site to raise concerns and ideas on behalf of local people.

If you would like to be kept up to date with the development, please send an email entitled ‘Moneyfields’ to and I will keep you posted on progress including details of the planning committee meeting date and time where the application will be decided.

I welcome opinions both for and against and find it encouraging that so many are engaging with plans in the community. You can see the planning application on the city council’s website. Go to the planning

applications section and search for 18/00057/FUL

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