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Jo Hooper: Getting things done across Paulsgrove

Jo Hooper has been out across Paulsgrove helping residents with issues and problems. Tackling anti-social behaviour, fly tipping, parking issues and more.

Jo said "It's a real pleasure to be able to help people. Not only am I tackling local issues that everyone wants assistance with, but I'm also helping to promote tackling loneliness, protecting and promoting our heritage, loudly championing our armed forces, veterans and serving forces families.

I'm also working to help facilitate new services and groups around mental health and hidden illnesses such as depression and anxiety. I've met with many residents who feel that they'd benefit from such services and groups. Often Paulsgrove residents feel like Paulsgrove is a forgotten area being on the mainland and north west of the city. We can do so much more and it's my absolute pleasure to get out there and help real people with many issues that often fall under the radar for many."

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