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Jo Hooper raises money for local charity, Pompey Pals.

We managed to raise £601.50 yesterday at the Darkest Hour Heritage Day. Thank you to the general public for supporting us so enthusiastically. There was also a gratifying abundance of respect expressed for Sir Winston Churchill, and the wonderful generation of British people who endured the horrors of WW2, whether they were civilians or in the Armed Forces.

A cheque will be presented to Bob Beech of Pompey Pals as soon as a mutually convenient date can be arranged.

Raffle prize winners have also been informed. In particular, well done to Sylvia for winning the Spitfire experience. Lots of excitement in that household!

Big thanks to everyone else who made the day a reality:

  • The wonderful team at Port Solent Management Company.

  • Jody and Georgia at The Odeon for being so friendly and helpful.

  • John Whiting for kindly supplying the military vehicles.

  • My father for baking the big cakes.

  • JJ Marshallsay from Pompey Pals for bringing his superb model collection.

  • Deputy Lord Mayor Lee Mason for attending for the whole day.

  • Mollie Wingham, Sainsbury's superb Community Champion.

  • Mike from Pompey Pals (endured the cold weather despite being in pain).

  • The lovely people from the Royal British Legion who were in attendance for the film.

  • Ubique.

My raffle sponsors: Paul Campbell, Roger Cassell, Paul Elkington, Greg Clark, Mitch from The Baffins pub, The Odeon Port Solent, Lindy Lou's, Chrissie from Nauticalia, Giovanni from Old Sole Mio, Pompey Pals, Donna Jones, Angela Hooper, and David Lloyd Leisure.

My committed Conservative Party colleagues: Donna Jones (Leader of the Council), Rob New (my superb campaign manager), Ben and Kerry Swann (Mr & Mrs Commitment), Terry Norton (worked his socks off), Suzy and Di ( No.1 raffle ladies), Scott Harris (great fun on the raffle stall), Jo Lockwood & superb young campaigner Amy Mitchell (first raffle shift), Steve Wemyss and Neill Young.

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