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PRESS RELEASE: Penny Mordaunt readopted as official Conservative candidate for Portsmouth North


The Prime Minister announced a snap General Election this week in order to secure a significant

Conservative majority administration to strengthen Theresa May’s hand as we proceed through the Brexit negotiations to leave the European Union.

Portsmouth North Conservatives can confirm that Penny Mordaunt has put her name forward to seek re-selection as the Conservative candidate to win the Portsmouth North seat.

Penny Mordaunt was duly approved by the Portsmouth North Executive Council and the General Membership present at a special meeting called to approve Penny as our candidate.

Penny addressed the meeting of Conservative members;

“It’s vital that we win this election. We need a strong Prime Minister with a mandate to get the best deal with our European partners and secure all of the opportunities that the freedoms of Brexit will bring with the rest of the world. If we don’t return Theresa May as Prime Minister the alternative is a coalition of Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron and Nicola Sturgeon who do not have the best interests of our country and the people of Portsmouth in their hearts.”

“I’ve never taken my readoption for granted and have always worked my hardest for my constituents. It’s been a privilege to represent them and bring improvements to our city, and I would be honoured if you give me the chance to continue doing that.”

Penny Mordaunt was approved by a unanimous vote of both the Executive Council and General Membership. We are proud to support Penny through this General Election as the official Conservative candidate and are determined to win the seat for a third term, returning Penny to Parliament on behalf of the voters of Portsmouth North.

Portsmouth North Conservative Association.


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