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Conservatives put money into the North of the city

Portsmouth Conservatives have delivered on their promise to put more money into the North of the city.

As well as a large scale landscaping improvement project for Paulsgrove Green, Conservatives have also set aside £80k for new community centre improvements too. With over £100k being invested in areas such as Paulsgrove, your Conservative team is is delivering.

Councillor Gemma New said, "It's the first time in a decade that cash from the City Council has been designated specifically for Paulsgrove. Residents tell me how they've long felt neglected by the City Council, but are pleased that now the Conservatives are running the City Council that money is finally coming through for their area."

Paulsgrove Councillor Gemma New also recently secured funds to install a life saving DeFib machine at Paulsgrove shops too.

Conservative Councillors have also recently been out meeting with local people and carrying out parking surveys to ask local residents what they feel could be done to improve the area.

Below: Traffic and Transport boss Cllr. Jim Fleming has been out with local Conservatives and activists to see how local traffic and parking improvements could be made in the local area.

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