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Portsmouth Conservatives budget approved with cross party support

Portsmouth Conservatives delivered the first 'Conservative' budget that will see £9 million of savings, with only £900k of actual cuts. The bulk of the £8 million savings have come from efficiencies, income generation and old debt restructuring.

This is the first budget in many many years that has dealt with massive overspends within individual portfolios that had spiralled out of control with no plan of tackling the overspends by the previous LibDem administration.

The budget was supported cross party and even the LibDems supported 99.9% of the Conservative budget. It's a real testomony to work done by the Conservative Administration and their officers.

The Conservatives are:

- Protecting Front Line Services.

- Protecting the vulnerable and elderly.

- Keeping all Libraries open.

- Generating REAL income to offset cuts.

- Improving chances for the third / charitable sector.

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