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Conservative Councillors are only party to support national Homeless count

Last night Conservative Councillors Gemma New, Hannah Hockaday, Ryan Brent and Steve Wemyss hit the streets of Portsmouth alongside independent City Councillor Paul Goodier. They helped the national effort to make an accurate count of people who are rough sleeping / homeless.

Councillor Gemma New said, "Midnight last night going into the early hours of this morning, I along with four other City Councillors took part in the national homeless (rough sleepers) count out on our streets of our beautiful City of Portsmouth.....Cllr Paul Godier (independent), Cllr Hannah Hockaday, Cllr Ryan Brent, Cllr Steve Wemyss.

Helping the homeless is something I am heavily involved with. I am vice-chair on the homelessness working group for PCC and also go out on care & share nights with Portsmouth help for the homeless. This work is important to understanding the needs and demand across the city and country as a whole."

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