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Success for Copnor as Conservative Councillors welcome new aviary

Councillors Neill Young and Robert New were very pleased to see the new aviary installed in College Park. The birds are soon to arrive, and it's just phase one in our local community improvements campaign.

Councillor Robert New said, "We've secured more than £4000 for the aviary, fundraised nearly £700 between Councillor Neill Young and myself over the past 6 weeks alone and are seeking to do a whole lot more for our local community. Can't wait to tell you more information shortly."

The old aviary on this site had been taken down due to a bad case of wood rot and a mice / rat infestation, and the main aviary remained is intact. The new aviary that replaces the old rotten aviary is made form a metal construction and built upon a concrete base, meaning it is robust and has many, many years ahead of it.

Councillor Neill Young said "It's great that families will be able to enjoy the animals of College Park for many more years to come and despite political mischief making from opportunistic LibDem councillors who sought to mislead and scare local people as is there way, the future of animal provision in College Park was never in any doubt. Families love visiting College Park and the animals make it extra special."

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