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Local Conservative Councillors have secured funding from Portsmouth City Council for a new 2nd Bird Aviary in College Park, Copnor. This news has been welcomed by local residents who enjoy the local animal enclosure in the park.

College Park already has a very large bird aviary that is already home to a lot of birds that are enjoyed by local people. It’s still there and full of different bird species. However, we’re also replacing the old smaller aviary that was dismantled and removed recently due to wood rot and a mice infestation. The new aviary will be made of metal and has already been ordered after local Copnor Councillors secured funding (£4,100) for the aviary and ground work. It will be installed very shortly and the base concrete work has already been started.

Also, around 40 new birds will be homed in the new aviary, with new roost boxes for children, families and children and adults with special needs to enjoy. We’re asking local residents what birds they’d like to see home’d in the aviary.

Cllr. Neill Young said, “We believe that our animal sanctuary is an important part of College Park. We’re asking residents what bird species they’d like to see in the new aviary. Let us know by emailing ”

Cllr. Robert New added, “This is the first stage in our new Local Community Improvements for the Copnor Area. We’re securing funds as well as directly fundraising for the local area too by taking on challenges, such as running 10km to raise funds for our first Christmas Tree for Copnor. Many families and local residents enjoy College Park, and love the animals too.”

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