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Councillor Robert New sets 10km challenge to raise funds for local Copnor community


Copnor Councillor launches 10km challenge to raise funds for local community improvements.

Conservative Copnor Councillor Robert New has launched a fundraising challenge to run 10km and raise funds for local community improvements.

Councillor Robert New said, "After a recent survey of residents and a fantastic feedback for community improvements, Cllr. Neill Young and I are already working on achieving many of those suggestions through the City Council, but one item really stuck out above all of the others was the request for a Christmas Tree for Copnor. We've never had one in Copnor and now that there will be a Christmas Event in College Park, it would be a positive things for our local community to have a Christmas Tree as well as fund other community improvements.

So, with this in mind, I've set myself challenge. I will run 10k on September 24th with my trusty sidekick Crixus, the Labrador in Copnor. I'm not a natural runner and it's painful to run any sort of distance. But with both the community improvements in mind that I want to achieve, I can't think of a better way to raise funds that by really challenging myself and putting our area first.

Please support this and donate using my fundraising page below. I'll be posting updates on the blog weekly as I steadily increase my endurance, speed and distance to hit the 10k mark on September 24th."

Cllr. Robert New

Councillor for Copnor Ward

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