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Ben Swann gets tough on Fly Tipping in Stamshaw and Buckland

Local community activist Ben Swann has been getting tough on Fly Tipping and Anti Social Behaviour in Stamshaw and Buckland.

Ben Swann said, "I've been working closely with local Conservative Councillors to both help improve the street scene and help residents deal with any fly tips or dog fouling. The new Clean City Team introduced by the Conservatives just before Christmas have been great.

A new App has been launched by the City Council that allows residents to report any issues such as dog fouling and fly tipping. So far, the response from that team has been impressive. We all want a cleaner street scene and it's great that residents can now report these directly.

It's good to see that the Conservatives are being so forward thinking and trying to bring accessible technology to local people. Using this app, as well as having a new dedicated 0800 freephone number means that more people than ever can look forward to a cleaner local area."

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