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Conservatives making positive change in Baffins

The Conservatives took to the streets of Baffins to deliver the latest area newsletter as well as meet residents and find out their concerns.

Councillor Steve Hastings said, "The positive response from local residents was really overwhelming. It's great that people are starting to see the positive change in the local area. From getting roads resurfaced, fly tipping moved quickly, cleaning up the streets, having no entry signs installed at the end of Sword Sands road that's been causing residents misery for many, many years through to the installation of a new road crossing too, which will aid with road safety for children going to school and so on."

George Edgar said, "I love Baffins and as I grew up here, it's important to me that the area has better representation. The feedback from residents this weekend has been great. Of course I've got a large work load and a lot of work to do for the area, but knowing that people are turning to me to get things done is a responsbility that I'm happy to own."

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