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Portsmouth Conservatives welcome Sandra Stockade to the group

On the 7th of July, Portsmouth City Councillor Sandra Stockdale quit the Lib Dem party and joined the Conservative Council Group.

Councillor Stockdale said,

"I was a life long Conservative until three of four years ago, when I had stood for election several times as a Conservative. I stood as a LibDem candidate in 2011 and won the Council Seat. Sadly, I realised that I had made the wrong decision. I too often found myself at odds with their decisions and methods. I have worked closely with Conservative council colleagues and after meeting with their councillors, seeked a way forward to join them and to continue serving my ward and the residents of St Thomas.

I'm over the moon to be back with a group that feels natural and inline with my thoughts and politics. I'm only sorry that I didn't do this sooner. The Conservatives in Portsmouth are getting things done. They're really moving at a pace with both comemrcial, community and cultural events.

They're really putting the city on the map, something that my former group failed to do for ten years."

Conservative Group Sandra Stockdale.jpg

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