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Hounds for Heroes founder receives Civic Award from Lord Mayor.

Local veteran Allen Parton received a Civic Award today for recognition for his work through the charity that he founded 'Hounds for Heroes'.

Allen was scheduled to receive the award at the Portsmouth Mayor Making ceremony a few weeks back and was unable to attend the event at the Guildhall. Councillor Robert New nominated Allen for the award due to his work with armed forces veterans who had been injured on the front line of duty.

Cllr. Robert New said, "I met Allen in Portsmouth at the D-Day 70 celebrations about one year ago. His story and how he came to found Hounds for Heroes really touched me. How someone can overcome the challenges that life changing front line injury can cause is just incredible, especially knowing that it's a bond with a dog that made this possible. He's a real living hero to me. An example of how despite terrible odds, you can go on to achieve so much in this life. Allens work benefit so many others in similar situations too. I'm very humbled by Allen and Endal Junior's (EJ) work."

Endal Junior is the name of Allen's assistance dog. He's constantly at Allen's side and can even operate an ATM.

Allen said, "It means so much to me that the city has recognised the work of my charity. It all started here in Portsmouth. I was stationed and deployed from Portsmouth before going off to serve in the Gulf War. I've always loved Portsmouth and the people are always so welcoming when I come to the city, especially when EJ or the other 'Hound for Heroes' dogs that are in training come with me too. Thank you to the Lord Mayor and the city for giving me this wonderful award."

Lord Mayor, Cllr. Frank Jonas said; "It's marvellous to see how one of our war veterans can go on to help others who might be facing tough mental and physical challenges. I've seen first hand how the work of Hounds for Heroes can turn peoples lives around. I think it's brilliant that we can recognise such achievements that help both our great city and the wider area."


Lord Mayor Frank Jonas presents the Portsmouth Civic Award to Allen Parton (Hounds for Heroes) with Councillor Robert New and the pups from Hounds for Heroes.

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