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Conservatives bring further growth to the city

Councillor Donna Jones hosted chairman of the Emirates group, Sir Tim Clark to launch a new branding deal with the airline giant.

The Conservatives unveiled the deal that had been reached to the world on Friday 5th June.

Councillor Scott Harris said, "These types of deals are putting Portsmouth on the map. It shows that Portsmouth is open for business. We're attracting world respected companies to the city and want it to continue. The success of the new cultural events, whether that be the Americas Cup, Victorious Festival or new Fitness Festivals, it shows that people want to come here and invest in the city. It's hugely exciting."


Above: Councillor Ian Lyon talks with Sir Tim Clark and Portsmouth City Council Leader Cllr. Donna Jones.


Councillor Donna Jones introduces the concept of the Spinnaker Tower redesign with the press.


Sir Tim Clark discusses the exciting opportunities that the Spinnaker Tower deal will bring to the city.

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