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Councillors welcome new events in the North of the Portsmouth

Conservative Councillors for Robert New (Copnor and Anchorage Park) and Frank Jonas (Hilsea) welcomed the new plans from Culture and Leisure boss Councillor Linda Symes to bring events to the north of the city.

"Such events as concerts, music festivals and community fete days and more would be more than welcome in areas across Portsmouth North. For too long Portsmouth North has been been neglected and most cultural events have been focused heavilly in Southsea. It's hugely exciting and we have the capacity to hold such events, that organisers are dying to bring to the city." Said Councillor Robert New.

Councillor Frank Jonas added, "I'd like to see more events across the north of the city. We have large fields and green space in Cosham, Port Solent and Paulsgrove. It'll provide a more diverse program of events for the city and utilise many of the sites that we have access to."


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