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Local campaigner Scott Harris and Councillor Frank Jonas promote local business across Hilsea

Scott Harris and Frank Jonas have been championing local businesses across Hilsea to help them against the fight of large supermarkets and online discounts.

"Shopping locally can mean the difference from a thriving business and going bust. I've used the shops in Hilsea since I was a lad. Whether it's the local Post Office in London Road, the local Hilsea Hardware Store for all things household or the takeaways for a weekend treat. I see that more and more people recongise that it's a struggle for these small businesses and Hilsea has a thriving small shop scene". Said Scott Harris.

Frank Jonas added, "People know me as a local man of Hilsea. Up until recently I ran Hilsea Hardware and know how hard it can be to run a small business. I was pleased that Scott has agreed to be the Hilsea candidate for the upcoming election. He's a hard working lad who lives locally and works locally in Hilsea at a local printers. The people of Hilsea couldn't ask for a better person to represent them at Portsmouth City Council."


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