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Councillors launch Safer Roads Campaign

Councillors and community activists from the Conservative Party have launched their 'Safer Roads Campaign' across Cosham, Copnor and Hilsea.

Cosham Councillor Hannah Hockaday, Copnor Councillors Robert New and Neill Young along with community activist Scott Harris have launched the campaign after Hannah Hockaday was successful in her 2014 campaign to get the City Council to install a new crossing by Highbury Buildings, Cosham.

Councillor Hockaday said, "After my campaign in Cosham for a new and safe way to cross, I was delighted that the City Council has been able to find the money to provide Cosham with the corssing that i've campaigned for. It's a huge win for residents of Cosham. The elderly, vulnerable, mums and students will soon be able to safely cross the busy main road to the bus stops, bowls club and Cosham park."

"After such positive feedback from residents, we wanted to see if we could help elsewhere across the areas that we represent. Residents in Copnor have been very vocal about safer roads, battling speeding motorists and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. I'm pleased that we are now actively seeking to promote safer roads." Added Councillor. Neill Young.

"Copnor and Hilsea have two of the busiest roads in the North of the city. I'm pleased that we can raise awareness of road safety and to hopefully make our communities safer for all." Added Councillor Robert New.

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