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Lewis Gosling for Copnor ward

Lewis Gosling is the official Conservative party candidate for Copnor and Anchorage Park. With a record of campaigning across Copnor with Cllrs Ben Swann, Rob New and Neill Young and city MP, Penny Mordaunt he has gained experience and helped deliver positive action across Copnor and Anchorage Park.


Lewis said, "I am honoured to be the Conservative Party candidate to represent you at May’s local elections for Portsmouth City Council for Copnor and Anchorage Park, the area I which I grew up and went to school.


Those who have seen my work as a community activist and local campaigner will know that, in everything I do, I put the needs of the community first and will stand up for our area at every opportunity. I want to be a champion of Copnor and Anchorage Park."


Here are just three credentials which I feel will help me become a good representative for Copnor:


1. I have a strong record of community action working with city councillors and our MP, Penny Mordaunt.

2. I live locally and grew up here and went to school at Admiral Lord Nelson School.

3. I’m not a career politician & want the best for our city.


"I believe I am the best person to deliver strong representation for you and your family.


It will be an honour and privilege to represent my community on the council, not a paid job, and I will never treat it as such."


"Over the last few years, it has been great to have been able to have met so many residents on the doorstep and at events. And more recently while I've been out volunteering as part of the COVID help efforts, delivering meals, supplies and donations to both Queen Alexandra (QA) and St Mary's hospitals among others. And I am humbled that it is my commitment to the community for which I am best known."


"Understandably people will be asking what my priorities are. I've been listening to residents and working with our community. I believe that working together is the best way to tackle issues."


My priorities will be:

  1. To continue to tackle anti-social behaviour locally.

  2. Working together with local councillors on issues such as road safety, parking issues, and community safety issues.

  3. Working with our MP, Penny Mordaunt as leave lockdown and navigate post-Brexit issues that the city might face.

  4. Opposing over-development and fighting for more and better investment into our area.

  5. Volunteering and raising money for local charities.

  6. Continuing my volunteering to help with the COVID19 response.

  7. Supporting young people with apprenticeships and work opportunities. 


"I work closely with our local councillors, Cllr Robert New and Cllr Benedict Swann as well as Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt. Together we have tackled issues locally and those that have needed national and government support."

"Over the coming months, I will publish my manifesto and other campaigns and priorities in my leaflets and online on my Facebook page:

"And, of course, I try to work tirelessly for those who come to me for help with all sorts of issues from abandoned cars, dumped rubbish, extra police patrols, road-safety issues, animal welfare, and many personal problems that people are experiencing as well as supporting people through the pandemic. If I am successfully elected in May this year, I believe I am the best person"


Lewis Gosling.

Candidate for Copnor ward

IMG_3478 2.JPG
Above: Lewis Gosling supporting residents in opposing the AQUIND interconnector that will affect the east of the city and Anchorage Park.
Lewis and Penny.jpg
Above: Lewis Gosling with Penny Mordaunt MP
Petition HC parking Zone.jpg
Above: Lewis Gosling with fellow Copnor City Councillors. Lewis successfully campaigned to stop the disastrous HC parking zone that would of severely and negatively affected Copnor ward with vehicle displacement.  
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